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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Monkeys In a Bed

As a special holiday treat, Miss7, Master6 & Miss4 are sleeping together in one room. I'm in awe of how kids can find a thrill in the little things.

I guess, as an adult, we're always having to consider the bigger picture and foresee potential problems - for example, I am a little worried about the dutch oven effect in their room because they had lots of fruit today. Of course, having foreseen this I can choose to do something about it - if one of them wakes up later tonight I'm sending Tracey in.

Naturally, sleep was very low on their agenda when I first turned off the light. For a little while I stood outside their door and listened as my monkeys chuckled and talked. These will be the moments they reminisce about when they're older.

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Nat Palaskas said...

Hi Bruce, enjoy reading some of your posts. Love the ones about your children, they are so cute! Thanks for visited my blog and left a lovely comment re Kiva post. Keep up the great work over your world too - Hugs Nat

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