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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Master7

Holy flapping duckwings, Batman, we were woken up early this morning. The birthday boy and Miss8 came screaming into our bedroom this morning at something like 5am (it may have been 6am, but it FELT like 5am).

I asked if Miss4 was awake yet.

"Not yet!" said Master7.

I rolled over. "Well jump back into bed until she's awake."

They left and I snuggled into my pillow and began willing myself back to sleep.

"She's awake!" Master7 yelled into my ear two minutes later. He'd also dragged Miss2 in with him for good measure. "Time to sing at me and then give me presents! Come on! I'll help you. 'Happy Birthday to MEEEE.....'"

Giving in to the inevitable, we pulled out his bag of presents and watched as he squealed his way to the bottom of the bag.

"Awesome!!" he screamed when he pulled out the Skylander stuff.

 "Yeeeeahhhh!" he yelled when the Pokemon stuff emerged.

"Wow!" he exclaimed, pulling out a couple of books.

"That's nice," he said when he got to a pair of jeans.

"Alright!!" he yelled, his enthusiasm back to fever pitch when he saw there was a Spiro shirt to go with the jeans.

He took a couple of dozen cupcakes to school today to share with his class and tonight we ate a bucket of The Colonel's finest (which came in a box! When did that change?) and then played a couple of hours of Skylander battles on the Wii before collapsing into bed. It was as good a midweek birthday could be.

I think the Skylanders game is going to be a hit for a long time here in Devereauxville. For a start, I'm hopeless at it, and anything Master7 can thrash dad in is a hit. As Master7's words of encouragement to me as I tucked him into bed show:

"You really suck at it, Dad!" he grinned.

Happy birthday, my little man. X x x. You are a shite !!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to him.

I don't like the last word tho :(

Anonymous said...

Haven't you watched "Kramer vs Kramer"? ;-)

Unknown said...

Um, no. What's the significance of the rreference?

Unknown said...

I only know Kramer from Seinfield :)

Suzanne said...

;-) Oh, it's just that at one point in the movie the little boy tells his Dad (Dustin Hoffman): "I hate you!", and the Dad answers "I hate you back, you little shite!".
It was in response to Anonymous ;-)
It's called Kramer Vs Kramer because the mother leaves the husband and the little boy, therefore the quote, during a rough time at the beginning.
It's a beautiful (but sad) story actually, you should watch it!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Every story (4 randoms so far) have cracked me up and in stitches of laughter. Nice work! :)

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