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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jealous? Not.

When Miss0 came along we thought there might be a little jealousy from Miss2 but there has been nothing. She seems to love touching, kissing, holding and bitch-slapping her baby sister. Nothing to worry about there.

But it seems while we were keeping an eye on Miss0, Miss4's been feeling the pinch of having a new baby in the house.

The giveaway? She put a nappy on today and raced around the house impersonating a baby, demanding her mother's attention.

Tracey said it was super cute and Miss4 quite rightly thought she was being hilarious.

Master20 is popping home tomorrow night to catch up with us all. He missed me. Naturally. And we've been so busy with the new little baby, misbehaving cars and the usual school run hassles we haven't been chatting to him anywhere near enough. It'll be great to see him.

Of course unlike Miss4 if HE snaps on a nappy and starts crawling around the house, cute is off the table.

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