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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Miss0 working the camera - she's a natural
Leaving Tracey's ward at the hospital I nearly managed to trip over the suitcase Tracey was pulling down the hall, instead brushing against the wall and sending a couple of dozen brochures zipping across the floor. Not a great start, I thought to myself. Fortunately things went smoother after that and we managed to arrive home with Miss0 free of bruises and still sleeping.

Our new little wonder has arrived home and is fitting into our routine remarkably well - that is to say, it's added to the overall sense of bedlam here. Last night I slept on the lounge, in our bed, on the lounge and in Master6's bed. In that order. Master6 ended up on the lounge, but attempted to jump in our bed at around 2am. Not because he's needy but simply because he was sleep walking.

This morning, while Tracey fed Miss0 and Miss2 fed her dolly, I walked to school with Miss4, Master6 and Miss8. It soon became apparent something was playing on their collective minds.

"When is mummy bringing the baby to class?" Miss4 wanted to know, and the other two confirmed the urgency of the question. Apparently their teachers are very keen for us to go in. Methinks perhaps my kids are projecting. Tracey is looking at going in Monday to show off their new little sister. Miss2 will be in daycare for the day so that will make things easier. So in a few days we'll have that particular hurdle behind us.

Everywhere I go around G-town I've been inundated with well wishes the last couple of days - that's what I especially love about life in a small town: you're a someone with a name. People know you: people care.

Which is just as true of the hospital staff - from the midwives to the tea lady.

She's got my chins
The staff at the Gympie Hospital have been their usual wonderful selves. I've had three kids delivered (me playing support) in private hospitals over the years - Master20, Miss8 and Master6 - but the level of experience up at our local hospital always reigns superior. Four of my kids were delivered into the world by Gympie Hospital staff - Miss17, Miss4, Miss2 and now Miss0. They just know their stuff. A big thank you to Melissa and Angela for their help during the delivery. And to all the lovely ladies up there, and especially the beautiful Betty Smith, who is just a wealth of knowledge and well of confidence for mothers.

Back on the home front, Miss8 has been teasing her little brother a bit about there being another girl in the house. At least she tried. Master6 wouldn't have a bar of it.

"I don't care that she's a girl because all that matters is she's my sister and she's okay." Stick that up your shirt and scratch, Miss8.

Not sure how much sense my posts will make in the coming six weeks. It's always horrid and tiring, and it's off to the fairly standard start already. So forgive me a few spelling and grammatical errors (like you don't already). Likewise, I'm sorry if I miss a day or several. I've an idea the posts will probably follow basic format anyway - me gushing over my new little daughter.

And for that I make no apologies at all.

Miss17 with Miss0

Master6 with Miss0


Anonymous said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! Can't agree more about public hospitals, my Emily almost died in a private hospital due to the inaction of the staff...

Archer's Mum said...

awww she is so cute! love babies (once the hit the 8 week mark that is!) lovely staff make all the difference, our 1st we had a great group, with our 2nd the staff were awful- you really notice the difference(!!). congrats and best wishes

Kez said...

Congratulations!!!!! She is beautiful :)
So happy for your family!

Paula said...

I love that your son commented that he doesn't care if shes a girl - she is his sister that is sooo priceless and soooo beautiful!!! Enjoy, i agree it is the hardest time this first six or so weeks, but its also such a beautiful time!!!! COngrats

Vee said...

I love the newest new baby stage! The bonding, the sleeping (of baby) through noisy siblings and vacuum cleaners...

That said I'm loving Miss0 at 4 months, still sleeping through her siblings noise and the vacuum only the smiles and laughs are tear jerkingly cute

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