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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Awash With Water

We're having a weekend of water play here in G-town. There's been an ocean of water dumped upstream over the last couple of days.

River came up very quickly (for us). Usually there's talk all over town and people predicting heights and times - I didn't have a single person mention the rising river to me on Friday, but I woke up on Saturday and one of the bridges was already cut.

Looks like the worst of it is over and the river is on it's way down. Though it really depends on how much rain the region is subject to over the next week. As it is, this is kind of a mediocre flood: A bit half hearted. On the bright side we have had lots of tea and coffee with friends.

A few businesses needed to quickly move out and I was again pleased with the community spirit G-town rolls out when these things happen. Even with such short notice it looked like everyone was out and ready.

Here's a few photos we took around town, as well as some our excellent friends, Karen & Luke, have taken plus an aerial shot I flogged off Channel 7. More interesting photos include a couple of a stealth helicopter (well, it's black) and someone's quickly devaluing car which might have trouble starting because they've flooded the engine.

Courtesy of Channel 7.

I think I saw this sort of vehicle on a James Bond movie. It must be worth a packet.

Containers & water. Too much of one, not enough of the other.

Just what you need in a flood - a stealth helicopter.

Lucky I didn't fall in the water - no one would have
spotted me in my dirty water coloured clothes.

Part of the fun of the flood is walking on roads usually reserved for cars.

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