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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Targeting clothes


It's that time of the year again - the Target sale. Time to add to our store of clothes for the kids.

We could buy our kids new clothes as they grow and pay full price, but we've worked out a better way. We keep boxes of clothes, separated into boy or girl and then sizes, so that as the kids grow we can pack up their existing wardrobes and bring out the next one. This means we can buy clothes in any size, at any time of the year, at a huge savings to our budget. 

To give you an idea of how much money we save doing this, let's look at what we bought today. I always do this sort of exercise to work out how much money we've saved because it keeps me motivated to seek the sales out.

Today we bought 19 items of clothing for a total of $48.18 which would have cost us $167.00 at the original recommended retail prices.  So they cost us only 29% of the original ticketed price and saved us $118.72.

Since we've lots of girls there's always a heap of quality hand-me-downs, but it's also super nice for each of our kids to have new clothes as well. And at these prices we can afford for them to have them.

Tracey will probably go back over the next week to pick up an item or twenty she liked but wasn't sure about - she always goes for the basics to start with and then, once she has some shopping momentum, starts on the fancier dresses. Which suits us fine, cause sometimes Target even further discount the items towards the end of the sale.

Happy shopping :)


Leesh said...

living in NZ we don't get Target :( BUT the last few times I have been in OZ, has been during Target Sale time.. and I LOVE it! the savings are so awesome

Lisa said...

Tell Tracey to check out best and less too Bruce, i was in there last week and they had a huge summer clearance sale on, in all departments. I got a heap of bigger clothes for Bryce for next summer, and some for the girls aswell :)

Unknown said...

We'll be in there tomorrow. Stay tuned!

MarieK said...

As a Mum to 5 children I do exactly the same thing!!! The same clothes for children come out every year anyway...and at $4 a piece...we are the winners!!! Love your blog :)

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