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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can 4 year olds have boyfriends?

Miss4 has been coming home gushing about a little boy from prep. Apparently little Casanova is trying to give her flowers (which he picks out of his mother's garden) and sit next to her in class and chase her and all sorts of shenanigans, which are told to us amidst giggles and coy smiles.

At school today, Romeo's mother approached Tracey to tell her how her son had announced he has a girlfriend. No prizes for second guesses - our little miss.

Tracey swapped a few stories and it was all fun and chuckles. It's all very cute when they're four, isn't it?

This same scenario with Miss8 might have played out differently. Well maybe for Tracey. For me, when news of Miss4's boyfriend came my way, naturally I went, as always, straight to the big question.

"What's his earning potential?"

"Bruce! He's a minor," Tracey admonished.

That sounded good to me. "That's okay then. Miners earn decent money."

One down, four girls to go. 


Maria said...

My then 4 year old girl got a kiss on the hand by a boy at kindy, just a bit of cute harmless fun. Might not be the case in a few years so lap it up while it's harmless :)!!

Bec said...

Gosh my 5 year old son won't even go near girls....nevermind having a girl friend.

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