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Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Magical Man-Flu Moment

A mate of mine had been copping a flogging over the weekend. Both he and his wife came down with some sort of bug, the result being neither of them were feeling especially energetic.

The kids, of course, were perfectly okay. And by perfectly okay I mean they did what they usually do and ran riot.

"I'm sorry," my mate croaked from the lounge as his wife sorted out the scuffles and found food for their little mites. "I can't help. I want to, but I can't."

Naturally, this earned him scathing criticism from his wife and the old 'man-flu' tag.

I'm tired of this man-flu stuff. It seems every time I get sick around the same time as Tracey she storms into the bedroom, dragging the hoard of loud and hungry kids in her wake who proceed to surround my death bed, and I have to try justify the depths of my illness instead of being allowed to die quietly in a corner. I have a theory - sickness hits us men harder because it knows we can take it. 

When neither my mate nor his wife were any better after the weekend they booked into their doctor to see if they could get anything to hurry their recovery along.

"You've got tonsillitis " the Doc told my mate. A flurry of activity on the keyboard produced a prescription and a certificate for some time off work. Finally the Doc turned to my mate's wife. "Whereas I'm afraid all you have is a bit of a sore throat." 

Way to score one for the team, mate!!

Mankind                                      1
Womankind          12,458,127,986

Look out, girls, we're starting to catch up ;)

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Unknown said...

That happened to Us once! Ad had some 'terrible throat disease' and I had an 'irritated throat' according to the doctor! Ad spent the weekend heavily medicated and I had bloody lemsip... it was so painful I cried and I am no sook... the following week when I was no longer dying and he had used his last Panadine Forte a whole piece of my 'throat skin' ( cant think of a better, more descriptive set of words) came off and him? Nothing, not a damn thing! Men are SOOKS. ( I hope they both feel better by the way. )

KezUnprepared said...

That'd be about right hahaha. I guess we should let him have his moment! Have you seen the skit for the man flu on youtube (the british one from the show which I've forgotten the name of)? Makes me laugh every time.

It's not just flu like symptoms we have to watch out for. When I was pregnant (with all sorts of ailments), my hubby had his wisdom teeth out. He spent a week whining about having a sore back (have no idea why), not being able to eat what he wanted and feeling groggy from his medication...he got very little sympathy!!!!! :P

Unknown said...

Men are sooks? Adam has never brought up this terrible illness of his again, and yet here you are still droning on about it Emma :) (only felt safe writing this because I know you live out of town)

Unknown said...

Is that the one with the bloke from Hot Fuzz? Just shared it anyway - was hilarious. I mean I'm sharing it as a public announcement for the greater good.

Unknown said...

hahahaha you make me laugh... and I know where you live!

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