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Who are we? Glad I asked.

Bruce  A 45 year old child. Has little to no idea of how things work and attempts to fix anything which breaks with pegs, bluetac and tape. He would love to fix things by banging them with a hammer, but Tracey took it off him several years ago and hid it.  Enjoys cooking and reading and not cleaning toilets. Favourite game with the kids is Hide & Seek (mainly Hide). Has a real knack for being where the big jobs aren't.

Tracey  Ten years Bruce's junior, Tracey tops him in terms of maturity, common sense and childbirthing abilities, although he's streets ahead in both height and weight. Tracey loves being pregnant and breastfeeding, and is one of those rare women who thinks it's fun when the kids are on holidays and she can spend all day with them.  She loves taking photos and Ebay and chatting. And eating cottage cheese.

Master21  Has inherited the Devereaux family gene for bad car driving. Deferred from university for a year to focus on saving money and playing his Xbox. Master21 was a practice run. The prototype. Wants to be a cop and should do well at it because he loves pulling people up when they do something wrong. Off studying at university now, Master21 is moving into the next stage of his life - picking up after himself. A heart the size of Tasmania, he still kisses his old man if we cross paths on the street.

Miss18  The sweetest girl in the whole world.....most the time. Constantly surprises me with how good she is. She says she watched her brother stuffing things up all the time and decided to go a different way. Miss18 suffered from scoliosis until a nice doctor straightened her out with titanium scaffolding, meaning I could no longer call her Quasi. Is now so unacceptably good looking we have a constant line of male suiters banging on our doors.

Miss10  The worrier amongst us. Shrieks like a Banshee if anyone does something wrong. Miss10 didn't figure out she could get out of her bed in the morning without us being there until she was 3 and her younger brother, at 18 months, showed her how it was done. Miss10 loves to sing and dance, and often does a song and dance if her younger siblings don't do as she says. Finds mirrors distracting - if she isn't out for breakfast in the morning chances are we'll find her frozen in her bedroom with one leg in her shorts staring at her reflection. She's all grown up and in grade two. Is a clone of her mother (lucky thing).

Master8  The rogue. The attention seeker. The sweet talker. This little man says the funniest things, although rarely on purpose. He also knows how to turn it on for the ladies, and blushing female friends gush as they inform us Master8 has just complemented them on their new hairstyle or dress sense.  Only thing stopping him from hoovering up everything in the supermarket is his peanut and seafood allergies. Bizarrely, as we found out a few Easters back, he prefers carrots to chocolate.

Miss6  As a baby she ruled the house with an Iron Dummy. Now she's all grown up Miss6 fears nothing (except Jazz The Dog) and is frequently spotted at day care wiggling her finger at boys and girls twice her size for perceived grievances, usually resulting in said children staring dumbly back down at her, probably because they can't understand a word she says - she struggles with an assortment of consonants. Possibly has hearing problems, because she rarely does a thing we say.

Miss3  The bestest, easiest, chubbiest baby in the whole world - or at least in this house. Will probably out weigh her five year old sister by the year's end. Has breathing and asthma difficulties which keep us in regular contact with the local hospital, but is what they call "a fat, happy weazer", so we're told not to panic too much. Easy to say, harder to enact. Miss3's the first baby to really take to her father before the age of one so, while he plays no favourites, he's considering leaving her everything in the will.

Miss1 Came into the world in a bit of a hurry. She was a small baby with a deceptively large head. Currently putting on weight and fattening up nicely. Likes to throw smiles at mummy, but only gives daddy frowns - she may be our smartest child yet.

Jazz (the dog)  Out of respect for my beloved German Shepherd, Skye, Jazz is the second smartest dog I've ever owned. When Jazz's original owners couldn't keep her in their rented home we adopted this beautiful little Samoyed. Initially the kids were petrified of her, but they've come around. Except Miss6, who she still thinks Jazz is out to eat her. As I've told Miss6, I'm fairly certain there's a good chance she's probably wrong.

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