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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Boxes of Fruit

What a fantastic day for fruit!

If you want to keep your fruit bowl full try looking outside the supermarket. We buy from a mate who goes to the fruit markets at Rocklea in Brisbane, so we always have fresh fruit and we always save money. If you don't know someone who goes to the market, pull your local green grocer aside and get talking.

Today we picked up 33 kilo of fruit from The Marketman for only $30 - a 20kg box of apples for $20 and a 13kg box of bananas for $13. The bananas are a few days off being ready, but the apples are crunchy and sweet.

I'm not sure what the supermarkets are charging this week for fruit but last week we paid $2.98 a kilo for apples and bananas were certainly more than a dollar a kilo.

Obviously at the moment there must be a glut of fruit out there and us Devereaux's are happy to do our bit to help our farmers.

Anyway 33kg of fruit will keep the kids running to the loo for the next week :)

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