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Friday, October 7, 2011

Bulk Buying Bum Tickets

A lot of internet sites on bulk buying I've been looking at lately say stocking up on toilet paper is a no-no. They must all own a bidet or something, cause we go through toilet paper like....well actually when we're using something up really fast over here in Devereauxland we say, "We're going through whateveritis like it's toilet paper."

We use a lot so it's a big drain on our weekly grocery bill. If we can save a few bucks on bum tickets, it adds up to big bucks.

So in classic Monty Python I fart in the general direction of these websites and their dislike of and generally poo-poo the idea. We buy toilet paper in bulk every opportunity we get.

Today, the local supermarket had toilet paper at half price - from $4.50 to $2.25. It works out at 21c per 100 sheets. I bought 13 packs (would have been more but it was all I could fit in my trolley with the other groceries. That's a saving of $29.25 - or, to put it into perspective every man and his dog can understand, one carton of beer! (On special beer).

Storage is the usual wall the sites put up, so I built a toilet paper wall in protest. Storing toilet rolls is just a matter of making space in the high part of a cupboard or the garage or somewhere out of sight. Okay, you don't want to pile it up in the corner of a bedroom or living room, but $30 is worth having a wander around the house to see where it might possibly go. This mountain of toilet paper in the picture will likely last us less than two months (we go through minimum 10 rolls a week, although these are BIG rolls).

Only downside to all these big rolls of loo paper might be Miss1 and her toilet training, because the only part of going to the toilet she seems to have a handle of is unfurling great wads of tissue and filling up the toilet bowl. 

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