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Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Beginning

Never having much of a head for school, Miss16 is leaving it to embrace a new chapter in her life. And the whole thing has been driving me nuts. We've had all sorts of 'discussions' this last week. Tempers have flared and died down and flared again. But what I love about my oldest two is we can all disagree and say (sometimes even shout) our piece and still end it all with a hug and a kiss. Eventually. After we've settled down.

I read somewhere kids should see their parents disagree, rather than discussing anything controversial behind closed doors. Kids apparently need to see people can disagree and then resolve a problem. It's important for their development. Well, at times Tracey and I have certainly been super helpful in encouraging their social education :)

This was my face
earlier this week.
We set down certain conditions for Miss16 to be able to leave school and today she finally met them all and is taking up a position at a local fast food outlet. While I prefer the coffee at McDonalds, let's face it, the burgers ARE better at Hungry Jacks. They've offered her 30 hours a week, which is nice, and with her proven savings record over the past four months I think she'll make the most of it. 

So my oldest daughter is leaving school to work in fast food. Not exactly the career I would have chosen for her, but then becoming a Bond girl so she could introduce me to Sean Connery was probably a tall order.

I'm trying to be positive and supportive, but jeez it's hard. Being a parent is difficult, isn't it?! No walkthrough book. No two alike.

Ultimately I think she's going to be fine - she's planning to study childcare at TAFE - but I'll probably worry about her until the day I drop off my perch. Not just her though, I've no doubt I'll worry about all of them. Master19 just contacted me on Facebook tonight to ask what he could do with some of the mince we gave him on the weekend. This from a guy studying a double degree who's been living out of home for a year. It's mince. How hard can it be? Do what I do - Google it. 

So a rough week of soul searching has ended happily. Only five more kids to go. Shoot me.

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