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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can you feel it?

"So, Bruce," said the familiar voice on the phone - a friend who works at the council. "I've called up for a dose of your wonderful customer service." I could hear her grinning all the way down the line.

I cussed under my breathe. I knew what this was about. I'd just spent five minutes being ribbed about it by my work colleagues.

One thing I always strive for at work is happy customers. I'm friendly. I'm courteous. I'm personal.

But sometimes, like today, I go too far.

Having satisfactorily completed a request over the phone a few minutes earlier, I'd gone to say goodbye.

"Alrighty. Thanks for calling." So far so good, but then I went on. "I love you." With immediate horror I realized what I'd said. What had happened was I'd been speaking to Tracey the call before and the remnants of our conversation were still fluttering around my head - that's my excuse anyway. I nearly jumped down the phone to take my words back. "No! Wait! No, no, no, no, no-" But it was too late. They'd hung up.

Which, when I thought about it, was a good thing. I'd gotten away with it.

No, I hadn't.

"Nice," said a voice over my shoulder. "It's all about going the extra distance. Giving them more than they expect."

"You know, it's how can I be of service?" said another when word started getting around, "not can I service you?"

Yes, the world is full of comedians. My work has all the ones who aren't funny enough to be given a microphone.

As does, it seems, the local council.

"The whole office has been pissing themselves," my friend assured me ungraciously. "Anyway. Time to go. Don't forget the big finish."

"Yeah, I'm just not feeling it," I told her. Funny cow.

Worst thing is, I've done this before - Best Customer Service EVER!

'raising a family on little more than laughs'

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allison said...

An ex work colleague of mine was dealing with a particularly difficult customer in our call centre a few years ago now, but this still sticks with me. As she was finishing the call she was trying to turn things around & end on a positive, but accidentally got tongue tied - "no pleasure, my problem!" needless to say the customer was not amused! :p

Jennifer Davis said...

Its funny that our brains don't always catch up with the fact we are on a new call. Once after speaking to my hubby on the phone in the next call I called a client Bretty. Luckily he had a sense of humor and said "I assume your partner is also called Brett?" It became a running joke and every time I talked to him after he would say "Hi, Bretty here"

Bruce Devereaux said...

HAHAHA classic moment.

Bruce Devereaux said...

the girls at work are always calling me by their husbands' names :) what I want to know is if they call their husbands Bruce at inopportune times ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol too funny! I have worked at the same place for about 15 years now. About 10 years ago, I accidentally said that to a sales rep when I was ending a call. I have NEVER lived it down.

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