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Monday, April 30, 2012

Speaking of comics

I met Barbara Gordon today. Naturally I played it cool.

"Big fan," I said as she left. She looked at me like I was a bit of an idiot, but then I'm getting used to that these days.

"Who was that?" asked a girl at work.

"Barbara Gordon," I said, raising my eyebrows expectantly. It was a waste of facial muscle movement.


"You know, Batgirl." The look on her face didn't change.

I understand what it's like to have your name high-jacked. They Call Me Bruce came out in 1982 and thirty years later, last month in fact, it is still being used against me.

A few weeks ago I spoke to a lovely lady with Riddle for a surname.

"I bet you want to snot J K Rowling," I said to her. She looked tired for a moment and agreed.

Over recent years I've also met a Bruce Wayne (Batman) and a Steve Rogers (Captain America). I've met Lisa Simpson, Grace Kelly, Richard Harris and Scotty Cam. Actually I really have met channel nine's Scotty Cam, I just wanted to put that in.

So good people who have had their names rudely high-jacked by movies, songs, actors and fame in general, I feel your pain.

Of course, to build up a good head of steam over this, people have to first recognize your name.

"Barbara Gordon? Batgirl? Do you mean Catwoman?"

"No, Batgirl. Commissioner Gordon's daughter is Barbara Gordon. After Batgirl she becomes The Oracle."

And still her face didn't change. Well maybe it got a little less interested.

"I feel like Leonard talking to Penny on The Big Bang Theory," I said, chuckling.

"Yeah, I don't know who you're talking about there either."

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Sarah said...

My husband and I are chuckling at your post. How can she not know Big Bang Theory?!? What is happening with kids these days?

Mind you, my husband does have to occasionally explain some of the references on BBT - I still haven't lived down asking who Leonard Nimoy is - but I haven't forgotten it since!!!

Christina said...

I chose my daughters name when I was 8 ... when it didn't occur to me at all.... and noone mentioned it to me till a week before I gave birth....

I have an Elleanor ..... Surname is Macpherson --- she is known as Ellie... not Elle (for now) .... she is 5.

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