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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Oh happy, happy days! And nights! (mornings might be less cheery)

Fantastic special at local IGA this week has given me cheap beer.

For every $100 we spend at IGA we receive $15 off a selected carton of stubbies. As one of those said cartons of beer is currently on special for $30, this means we (I) got ourselves (myself) a $15 carton of beer.

As there is no limit on how many times you take advantage of this special we're (I'm) thinking we need to stock up on groceries this week.

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Unknown said...

Had to buy nappies tonight. YAY. Formula and a few trays of discounted chicken and I got over that magical $100 mark. Now have another carton of $15 beer sitting ready in the kitchen :)

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