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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Choo-Choo-Choose CHRISTMAS!

Our four youngest and two cousins meet Santa and his missus after a train ride.
It was very exciting and they almost all loved it. Can you pick the odd one out?

G-town has a fantastic attraction called the Mary Valley Heritage Railway - an old train, The Rattler, which chugs and belches it's way along the tracks to some local towns and gives guests a chance to experience life before comfortable seats and air-conditioning. It reminds me of when I would go to town with my Nanna from home in Fairfield to Cabramatta.

In the lead up to Christmas the good folk at MVHR take families on short rides up the line, afterwards letting the little kids meet Santa and receive a toy. And all for $4 a head. We've made it an annual tradition, which includes checking out the Christmas lights around town before and afterwards. Every year I tell the kids we won't be stopping, we'll just drive past and every year they're so beautiful we stop and walk around the displays.

On the train, the Silver Bullet, Master6 and Miss8 got the chance to 'drive' the train - they did very well, concentrating very hard when we had to cross a bridge so as not to derail us. Unfortunately we couldn't all sit together on the train, but this just made it even more fun as we broke into several clusters to stare out the open windows at yards full of Christmas lights and to wave at drivers patiently waiting for us to clear the crossings.

Meanwhile, today I've been secretly putting together toys in our bedroom, with all the windows shut and the door locked. It's a lovely cool summer day outside, but I've been sweating like a long distance runner. So far it's all gone together pretty well, which I'm happy about. Tracey wanted to call in her father for the construction, but I refused to subcontract on this build. I just hope I haven't spoken too soon.

Some lovely friends of ours came and caroled us late this afternoon, which is something we look forward to each year. Love your work Pitt's!

Master20 just arrived home and Miss4 was all excited - "Geoffrey's not dead!" she yelled out as she ran to hug him.

"Right," said Master20. "Maybe I should call home a little more often."

So now, with all my children under our roof, it's really starting to feel like Christmas.

I'll catch up again after Christmas - I don't think anyone wants to blog on Christmas day, do they? In the meantime - MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone. Travel safe and party hard!

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Julie B said...

Wow, going from Fairfield to Cabramatta you would've passed through Canley Vale, where I'm from! My Mum still lives there, near the high school Julie B now up the hill at St Johns Park

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