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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Go The F@ck To Sleep

Noni can do no wrong in my books, although she was apparently in some hot water for this reading. Tracey and I think it's hilarious, because it is. And any parent who hasn't at least hissed this under their breath at one time or another is lying or has a nanny.

Samuel L Jackson also does a reading of this fabulous book, but even though the F word rolls out of his mouth like oil out of my old Holden Gemini, Noni's Playschool rendition nails it for me.


Kez said...

I love this - I've always thought I'd like a copy of the book. I love how Noni totally "play school"s it up haha.
I am only new to the parenting game but I do admit to muttering it under my breath (or just in my head) on occasion already!

Carly said...

It's great when a new parent discovers this book, and those of us that have a working knowledge of it refer them to noni on YouTube, or the Samuel L Jackson version. Rings true.

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