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Monday, December 12, 2011

Water Slide

An exhausting six parties this last weekend, including my staff party. Three kids parties on Saturday and two on Sunday kept us hopping.

The final party on Sunday started with everyone huddled in the garage as a storm went over.

Looking at the water slide set up in the yard I asked Tracey if we were inside because we were worried the kids might get wet.

"No," she assured me. "We're worried about them getting electrocuted or a limb falling off that tree." This is why Tracey is in charge.

After the storm passed the kids spent a couple of hours on the slide having a ball. The slide itself was $20 of plastic, the spare tyres off the cars, a hose and a bottle of detergent. So much cheaper than the shop bought ones and yet so much wider and longer.

I was half expecting tears and scraps before we left but the whole thing went without a mishap, although Miss1 cleared the playing field when she shat in her pants.

Awesome fun.
Miss4 rides Miss8 all the way
down to the puddle of suds

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