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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Beautiful Thing

Not sure where this has come from, but Miss4 came wandering and singing into our bedroom this morning at some unsightly hour, looking under cushions and inside wardrobes. As she searched a pile of my t-shirts was growing on the floor.

We watched her and listened to her singing for a bit before asking what she was up to.

"I'm looking for money," she told us without a pause in her search.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause I want to buy a beautiful thing," she sang.

"What beautiful thing?" I asked.

"A mermaid tale, which glitters in the sun, and glimmers and shimmers," she told us.

A worthy quest, young lady. Search on.

Of course, with the impending baby your mother hasn't worked for the last two months so you'll be lucky to find a dollar in this house at the moment, but it's important to dream.

Budgeting for a new baby is always difficult, first baby or seventh. Actually maybe I should say second baby or seventh because the upheaval of that first child, in terms of finances, emotions and lifestyle is something which needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

Tracey and I put off having kids for several years because we were worried we weren't financially ready. My god, how many could we have ended up with?! In the end we just bit the bullet and said we were having a kid and that was it. It worked out. Just like now: it's working out.

Things are starting to settle down a bit now, although it's the calm before the storm - I'm only off work for another week and a half. Tracey's mum takes over then. Not that I'm saying she's the storm - I think I better change topic now.

I've been enjoying doing all the cooking and cleaning (well, I'm not as good as Tracey but I try) while Tracey focuses on her booby-duties and lack of sleep. It reminds of when I was a single dad with Master20 and Miss17. In some ways they were the most fulfilling of my life.

Wouldn't want them back for all the tea in china though, so I guess I better sharpen up my housecleaning skills. I might start by folding that pile of t-shirts on our bedroom floor and putting them back in the wardrobe.

If I'm lucky I might even find a dollar. That would be a beautiful thing.

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