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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blankety Blanks

I received some fantastic news from the doctor yesterday - I am shooting blanks. That's right people, there are no secrets on this blog.

Thrilled I wouldn't have to endure yet another vasectomy I raced into the lounge room to high five Tracey. But her response was a little less enthusiastic than I expected. She looked crestfallen.

"Aww....I think I'm a little disappointed."

"You're kidding me, right? So you wanted another kid?" Inside my head I'm thinking, 'but you insisted I do this - I had needles!'

"No, I don't want any more kids. But I think I like having the option. I like having the choice."

Me too - I am so pro-choice on this issue I'm thinking of making placards. I like choosing to limit our baby output to seven beautiful kids. If I was even five years younger, maybe I'd be keen to keep going. Even now I think of the kids we might have had in the several years after we married when we thought we couldn't afford to have kids yet - like you can EVER afford to have kids (best just to dive in and work out the finances later). I do like not having to tell my folks (and Tracey's folks) we're pregnant again - every time I feel like I'm a horny teenager confessing a teen pregnancy. They kind of stopped being SUPER excited after number 3. They still love having the little buggers once they're here though.

And of course there's the choice of not having to worry about contraception. Although with seven kids I guess it does beg the question, did we ever?

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