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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We help a young man in Lebanon start a business

Because our coffee man from Honduras repaid his loan a couple of months ahead of time we had $25 sitting in our account ready to be lent out to another person living in difficult conditions.

When I read how Mohamad from Lebanon was 19 and had been working for 5 years (meaning he started when he was 14) I didn't have to look any further: we're helping him to get ahead in life. When my oldest two were 14 they were flat out doing the dishes and making their beds. I really hope this bloke makes a go of it.

Here's the blurb from his posting on KIVA:

"Mohamad is a 19-year-old single man. Five years ago Mohamad started his own business, dealing with manufacturing aluminum doors, closets & windows. He was too young to start a business, but he had his family to take care of and to help in making their living.

Mohamad is a hard worker, he insists on improving himself as much as he can. That's why he has applied for a Youth Loan from Kiva partner, Al Majmoua, in order to buy necessary raw materials with special prices. 

Mohamad misses his childhood and hopes to expand his business in a way that when he thinks of making a family in the future, he has to be sure that his children will have a safe and healthy childhood with all their needs to be met. Mohamad insists on expanding his business in the future."

KIVA gives people a hand, not a hand out. A person can borrow money to buy pigs or seed or in some way improve their business, and then they pay it back. This means you're able to re-loan the same money over and over. We've put just under $200 into our KIVA account, and we've loaned $700 to these good people over the course of the last two years. And if ever we want to stop lending through KIVA we can pull our money out once it's repaid.

If you've ever wondered where your money is going when you donate to organisations overseas, this could well be the kind of transparency you're after. Or maybe you just like helping people :)

CLICK HERE to pop over to KIVA and see what it's all about

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