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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Fairy Tale Life Begins

All those fairy tales and stories we hear when we're kids - did you ever wish one of them was true? Did Cinderella, Snow White or Peter Pan fill your dreams? I know I would lie in bed and think about Peter Pan all the time (that's come out wrong - for me that story was all about Wendy - hey, I was a boy).

Fairy tale characters got all the good stuff - pumpkin coaches and magic lassos. Think of the fun stuff Jack brought down his beanstalk. Not that I would have achieved all that Jack did because I'm scared of heights and my feet wouldn't have left dirtside, let alone made it all the way up to the castle in the clouds. But I would have loved the treasures he found - the magic harp and the hen which lays the golden eggs. Mainly the hen. And I say found, but lets face it, he stole them. Then killed the owner. It's not great on morals, this story.

Actually now that I think of it I'm pretty sure the magic lasso was from Wonder Woman. Wendy was primary school, Wonder Woman was more early teens. But I digress.

Well anyway it seems some of my childhood wishes are coming true. At bath time tonight, I was undressing Miss2 when all my prayers were answered. I lowered her nappy and a couple of dollar coins fell out.

I stared at them on the bathroom floor for all of two seconds before I realized what was going on.

"Good news, honey!" I called out to Tracey. "This one's shitting money!"

I've already married my princess and now it looks like a bit of bran and the money side of things is taken care of too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me snort laughing! Chris

Donna said...

Yes this surely did make me laugh. You crack me up sometimes.

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