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Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Wears The Pants Around Here

In the usual morning mayhem on a school day, Miss4 very nearly ended up becoming a school icon.

Being the beginning of the school year the kid's uniforms are still too big for them - a point which will become applicable shortly. I can never tell at a glance which shirt will fit which kid, for example, so I love that the size numbers currently match our kids ages - you know, size 6 shirt fits Master6, that sort of thing.

We lay the kids' uniforms and shoes out in the lounge room, firstly so we know everyone has a whole outfit, and secondly so they can get ready in the morning without pulling the entire contents of their wardrobes onto the floor.

Lately the kids have also been dishing out their own breakfast cereal and making their beds. Then they take their lunchbox and drink out of the fridge, put their school bags on the kitchen floor for me to trip over and we are ready to go. Well, nearly - Tracey still does their hair.

Something went wrong this morning though, and I didn't realize it until we were climbing into the car.

Miss4 was clambering into the car seats at the very back of the Pajero when I got an eyeful of undies.

"Molly," I said. "Lift your shirt."

And sure enough when she lifted her dress length shirt she wasn't wearing any skorts, once again proving beyond any possible need for DNA testing that she is my daughter.

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