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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brunch in the Park

With brother Shane, Shelley, Harrison, Lily and Annabelle up for the weekend to visit Grandma and Grandad we took advantage of the  fantastic weather and took the family to the duck ponds and their newest activity area for kids. 

While the kids ran around the enclosed park we prepared a simple but damn fine tasting BBQ (can you guess who cooked) to fill our bellies. These are the days I live for - family, fun and food. Only thing missing was beer - damn my diet!

Great thing about a day like this is it takes our minds off the fact little baby number seven hasn't graced us with it's presence yet. Well, if you ignore the beach ball Tracey appears to be smuggling under her top. 

Tomorrow, being the first day of the school year, is the ONLY day Tracey doesn't want to have the baby because she doesn't think I'll be up to the challenge of delivering all four little kids to their respective classrooms (daycare for Miss2) with the appropriate books, pens, clothes and hairstyles.

Don't be fooled, hairstyles is the most important on that list. Initially I was to do their hair.

"Can't I just put a hat on them?" I asked Tracey. Quick change of plan. If Tracey goes into labour tonight I am to march all the kids up to hospital tomorrow, not to meet their latest sibling, but to get their hair combed, braided, plaited and juzzed. I don't even know how to spell juzzed. 

But I am doing all the lunches :)

At least we have today's relaxing vibes to carry us through tomorrow's stress. Well, Tracey does. I've got Tracey to carry me through.

Flying Fox kept us all amused for an hour.

Miss4 takes up her usual
position astride Cousin4.
Miss8 appears to be attempting similar
position with Cousin9.
What is it about my kids? They always want to be carried.

Me looking trimmer than I have in years. And scarier. If I'd
presented that face to Tracey when we first met I don't think
we'd currently be waiting for baby number seven.

Cousin12 gets set to 'own' the Flying Fox. I keep 
thinking he's mid-teens, he's so big.

Cousin9 goes for her fifteen or sixteenth trip
down the Flying Fox - it was a huge success
with all the kidlettes, especially with Shane &
myself  hurtling them down the line.

 Miss2 returning from wherever she was (water play sand pit)
looking very pleased with herself. Actually, Tracey probably knew
where she was. It's me who has no idea.

My brother Shanus. He's not very pretty - hat
and dark glasses are for your own protection

Miss17 giving some sort of hand signal.
I don't know when she learned to sign - just
another of her myriad of talents methinks.

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