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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Adds Up

Since gaining employment at Hungry Jacks we've been attempting to encourage Miss17 to save money, rather than waste it on junk food and clothes like Tracey and I did when we were her age.

There's a train of thought which says if you save 10% of everything you earn you will retire comfortably. We've suggested, because she doesn't have many overheads at the moment, she save at least half of what she earns.

Fortunately, she's been listening and the numbers in her savings account just keep going up.

Yesterday, Miss17 ran into the kitchen to tell me she had a grand saved. Only what she squealed was, "Dad! Dad! I have a comma in my savings account!"

She was never much good at knowing what to do with them in English, so it's nice to think she's got the hang of them in maths.

Keep going, sweetie, and one day there might well be two.

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