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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Woody Allen's Kidnapped

This is what I'm doing tonight - listening to Woody Allen stand up. This is my favourite.

His parents "snap into action" in much the same way I expect mine would have wanted to.

Woody provided me with some sweet moments growing up - they showed his movie Zelig one Saturday night at my boarding school and it kept me chuckling and grinning for much of that week and the following thirty years with it's play on a man's insecurity and need to be accepted so bad he loses his identity when he talks to people and turns into a facsimile of them.

So it's a bit like when I watch State of Origin with, well, anyone. I have no idea about the rules and mostly I'm there for the beer.

Kidnapped isn't Zelig, but it is gold. 2.52 minutes of smiles :)

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