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Saturday, September 15, 2012

No Charge

Sometime around 9 this morning Tracey and I realized something very strange was going on - we hadn't received a single phone call since we'd woken up.

This simply doesn't happen.

We soon discovered the reason for this lack of communication from our parents, our older kids, our siblings, our friends and our foreign call center stalkers - the cordless was out of charge. 

I have a real issue with ignoring the phone when it's ringing. I usually announce I'm going to ignore it, but before it can switch over to the message bank I've snatched it out of the cradle - I just can't do it. So I've got to say, when I discovered the phone was flat I mentally slapped my forehead and thought, 'Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that!' 

And the reason it was out of charge?

The previous evening Miss2 had obviously decided her phone needed charging more than ours.

Bless her little cotton socks.

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Unknown said...

Aww that's so sweet. Miss2 is pretty clever! :)

Kez said...

That is far too ridiculously cute :)

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