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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unscheduled Stops On The Toilet Train

It does seem I'm having a poo themed month, although I promise this isn't the case. Fact is, when you're toilet training a little one it can be all consuming.

There has been more than a little success this week with Miss2 managing to make it to the toilet several times to do wee and even achieve splashdown a couple of times.

Yesterday, Miss2 raced to the bathroom yelling, "I do snake!"

"You do what?" Tracey wanted to know, trying to work out what toilet function rhymes with snake.

"Snake. Snake. I do snake," repeated Miss2. And sure enough, she did: pointing at the long, snake-like thing she'd cleverly produced which was floating in the bowl.

But the moment we realized that was definitely light we could see at the end of the tunnel and not just an oncoming train was when Miss2 slept through the night with no nappy and no accidents.

Not that we meant to put her to bed with no nappy. And by 'we' I, of course, mean 'I'.

Tracey was at work so I was in charge. The kids having been fed and bathed I settled in to catch up on my Facebooking and emails while they watched a movie in the next room. Only Miss2 wasn't watching TV, was she. She'd tottered off to bed with a bear and a book and fallen asleep.

"Cool," I said (very quietly) when I spotted her, not for a moment thinking to check she still had that nappy on (which she couldn't possibly because I didn't put one on her after her bath).

But she still seems to be having some confusion regarding basic anatomy.

This morning she barged into the bathroom while I was clearing some space for my morning coffee. After a pause while she summed up the situation she pointed at my tackle and asked, "What you call your tail?"

"A doodle," I told her.

"Why I got no tail?" she wanted to know.

"Cause you're a girl," I told her. "Like Mummy."

She left still frowning, but I think she's starting to get it. I'm just glad I don't call it a snake - that would really confuse her.

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Anonymous said...

once we sort of got the toilet traing thing going . we brought my little pony sheets for the bed with they thought was wonderful... Now they never wet the bed once when i told them all the ponys would drown and die if they wet them... not one accident ever...

Elli said...

Wow.. that is cruel, Anon.. but so, very, very funny lol

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