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Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Favourite Snackythings

You wouldn't know it to look at me (yeah, right), but I love snackythings at night while relaxing with my lovely Tracey. One of our favourite snackythings is bruschetta. The joy of bruschetta is you can use whatever you have available to make them. That said, this is how we build one of our favourites:

You will need:

Turkish bread
Baby spinach & rocket
Olive oil
Garlic clove
Salt & pepper to taste

Make nice slices of your bread, about half to one centimeter. Toast or grill the slices for a few minutes, until browning around the edges. Rub the garlic clove around the browned edges and drizzle with olive oil. Layer a little herb (basil or dill, for example), a leaf (baby spinach or rocket or both), a thin slice of tomato and a slice or two of soft cheese (bocconcini or mozzarella). Grill some more until cheese is melting. It takes less than ten minutes, including grill time.

And as you can see, you can subsidise anything for just about anything - for example, a sourdough loaf is perfect. Add some ham or prosciutto, or pesto or sundried tomatoes or olives for a nice change.

Seriously. Best. Snackythings. Ever.

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Lauren said...

Well thanks for that, I now have Bruschetta brain! LOL looks great :)

(By the way, its GREAT to see a Dad blog! Hubby has taken to it as much as I have..I knew I could suck him into Blog Land ;)


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