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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Splish Splash I Was Making a Bath

Tracey says she's thinking of giving up work on the weekends. This has nothing to do with her being preggers and everything to do with me being the one who looks after the kids when she's not here.

This all came about last night because I decided to bath the kids. I know! I was being wonderful - it makes no sense. Until you know.....

I started the bath and immediately informed the kids they'd be expected in the bath in a couple of minutes. You have to give them notice, it seems, because they can't possible put down their DS or books or toys straight away. That would lead to anarchy.

Thus informed I went into the kitchen to make Tracey and myself a cup of tea (I'll just point out I'm still being Mr Wonderful here). While the kids bath I drag a chair into the bathroom and I like to read a book and have a cuppa.

My friend Luke arrived, fresh from France, to chat about his trip and.....

...Tracey made a splashing sound as she walked through the hallway. Baths can fill up pretty darn quick if you're not keeping an eye on them, hey.

So now it seems, despite all my awesome tea making, I'm irresponsible and can't be trusted to watch over the kids.

On the bright side, the kids had a grand time splashing around in their heated indoor pool.

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