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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're having take out tonight,

Shhhh.....can you hear that? The sound of only ONE child in the house.

Best sort of sleepovers tonight - the type where they sleep at other people's houses! Grandma is back from my sister's place and missed our little munchkins so much she has Miss7, Master6 and Miss4 staying the night. Add Miss16 sleeping over at a friend's house and I'm changing our postal address to Easy St. We haven't even turned on the telly - don't want to ruin the sweet, sweet, addictive silence.

Naturally the first thing we did was to run out and grab Chinese. Thirty dollars instead of eighty works for my wallet. Plus we could eat stuff like Pad Thai or Satay Chicken with peanuts in them because Master6 wasn't around - didn't though, because parental guilt is harder to ignore than Mr Abbott's budgie smugglers.

I think Master19 & Miss16 have become suspicious of KFC and Chinese nights only occurring when they're not home for dinner. The rest of our kids are delightfully oblivious.

We had planned on sitting down at the restaurant to eat tonight but by the time it was cooked we just wanted to race back home to soak up the stillness. And Miss1 almost kind of yawned so we really, really wanted to put her to bed. Then we sat at the dining table and did things like finished sentences and didn't share the food off our plates. Almost an out of body experience. Certainly an out of the ordinary one.

And now I'm thinking maybe Grandma has missed the kids enough for them to stay another night. Afterall, we haven't had a meal of crumbed fish and chips in ages - we could even bypass the cod and order the barramundi.

Not that we'd plan it that way....

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