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Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Dawn

I watch telly with my laptop in front of me. Not because I need to check everyone's FB status every two minutes (that's just a bonus) but because otherwise watching movies is simply too frustrating. For everyone.

Inevitably an actor will pop into a scene and I'll think, 'Where have I seen him before?' Now ignoring the dialogue and plot entirely I'll run through the possibilities - A similar movie? Guest spot on Friends? New Idea?

"Have you seen that bloke before?" I'll ask my wife.


"The short one with the thin moustache."

"Bruce, would you shut up!"

"I know the voice."

"I'm trying to listen!"

This is where a conversation would traditionally end (often with violence) but not anymore.

"Don't worry if you don't know. I'll look it up for us."

Which is why I always have the Internet Movie Data Base ( close at hand.

"Oh, it's Linda Hunt!"

"I don't care."

"I remember, Tracey, she was in Kindergarten Cop."

"I'm going to bed."

And after a discussion with my mother earlier tonight I'm thinking it's genetic.

"Have you seen the Coles ad on tv?" Mum asked me. "That woman looks just like Dawn French."

"It is Dawn French," I informed her.

"No it's not," said Mum.

"Based on..?"

"Well, why would she be out here in Australia?"

"To make money? Maybe by doing an ad?"

"No, it's not her," Mum assured me. "Good impression though."

Any word on whether someone is bringing out an Internet Commercial Data Base site? I'm sure we can move Mum's computer into the lounge room.

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Kez said...

I'm disturbed by the fact that I had a very similar conversation with my husband...Also, I have this freaky gift where I'll think I'm renting out a completely random selection of movies only to find that they all have one actor in common somehow...

Suzanne said...

I have a different problem... I can't remember a face, so in a new movie, except for the main actor who is usually well known, I keep mixing them all up, don't know who is who and what's going on... I have to ask my family to remind me who is who... :-( It's embarrassing...

But I love IMDB as well! :-)

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