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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lip Service

Tonight, I think because she needed some cheering up, Tracey accused me of having a poor head for the little details. Naturally I protested this accusation and demanded she give me one example.

So she did.

Tracey, the kids and I were having lunch in the park last Friday when a bloke I hadn't seen for a while came over for a chat.

"Hey!" I greeted him. "You're back at work!" Clearly, cause he was wearing one of those reflector shirts which you just don't sport on a day off. He'd been off work having an operation. "They've done a fantastic job," I told him as I gave his lip a look. "I can't even notice where they've cut it out."

"Cut what out?" asked Tracey. I explained he'd recently had a growth cut out of his lip.

"Yeah," he said, pointing to a nice scar on his bottom lip. "They've done well."

Which was when I realized I'd been staring at the wrong lip.

Tracey one. Bruce nil. Again.

(And his lip really does look great).

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