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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new flavour of 2 minute noodle

Last week I was conjuring up a quick snack for the kids when I received a bit of a shock. It was a different flavour to what was written on the pack. I like chicken flavour myself. Beef, oriental - not so much.

But when I opened my pack of 2 minute noodles it had a new flavouring - a dry, green patch of mold-like something. Yum.

Screwing up my face, I went to toss it in the bin but then thought better of it. One bad packet won't break the bank, but then what if there are others out there. What if there are others out there and some kid doesn't notice and eats it? Well, probably nothing would happen, but then what if it isn't mold?

I decided to send off an email to Maggi, explaining I had photos if they wanted them. Then I decided to keep the pack in case they wanted to look at it, which was good because after they saw the photos, they did.

Still waiting on the results, but in the meantime Maggi have sent me a $10 gift card for my trouble (thank you very much) which was very nice of them.

We've never had any trouble with Maggi before, and this certainly won't turn us off buying their products. In fact I was very impressed with how quickly they responded and how sincere they were with their disappointment something wasn't right.

But mostly, I'm just glad I noticed the yuck before I went ahead and ate it.

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Unknown said...

When I was a kid mum opened a can of Campbells soup. It had some issue (don't ask me what) Mum decided that she would write a letter and complain. She told them she had five children, money was tight and hubby worked away and she could usually rely on the Campbells brand however now she was forced to rethink. Sometime later she went shopping and came home to three boxes, not can but boxes, of Campbells soups sitting outside the front door. So you never know, you guys could be in for a large supply!! :)

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