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Monday, April 9, 2012

We help a woman in Peru get a whole village hammered

For our 27th KIVA loan, with the recommendation of KIVA newbie, Nick Haggarty (of Financial Freedom for Gens X & Y fame), we have gone with helping Yolanda from Peru and her dream of bringing together beer and tools under the one roof - it's pure marketing genius.

Now the whole village knows where to go to get hammered ;)

Joking aside, Yolanda is a savvy business woman who sees an opportunity to expand her business. All she needs is $1075, which most financial institutions would consider too small to bother with. This is why KIVA is so important.

Here is Yolanda's application:

 "Yolanda, 54, is a born leader. She lives with Walter, her husband of 28 years, and they have two children, Mabel and José, who they care for in their own house in the city of Chilca. She is the treasurer of her association and has always enjoyed managing money. Thanks to this, now she has a hardware store that is well stocked. She says business is going well, since she opens every day of the week. And since she his a hard worker, that's not all she does; she also sells food on Sunday from home. Her husband rents heavy equipment to state institutions and private constructors, and earns a monthly salary which pay for their children's university studies, so they can receive a good education.

Now she wants to expand her business and sell beer wholesale. They started selling beer not too long ago and now want to expand the business because demand is high and they have done well in the past few months. She belongs to the communal bank "IDME" and this is her 26th loan through MFP. She is counting on your support so she can continue toward her goals. She is committed to paying back the loan on time and is grateful to the communal bank because all of the members are responsible and caring.

Yolanda plans to use the loan to buy merchandise for her businesses, i.e. beer and hardware merchandise."

Our $25 was part of $1,075 which Yolanda needed to fulfill her dream. With Nick's money she was $50 closer to her dream. The best thing is, because this is microfinance, in six months we'll both have our money back in our KIVA accounts and we'll be able to lend it out again to someone else.

Press HERE to link over to the KIVA site to see what all this helping people is about :)

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