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Friday, July 6, 2012

Makin' Bacon

Today we went halves in a pig with another big family. We've got a freezer full of mince, chops, roasts and bacon, and some of the best ham I've ever tasted taking up most of one shelf in the fridge.

The total cost was $200 a family and came in just under $8 a kilo - a huge saving.

Which is important if you intend cooking any of Karen Martini's recipes. 

Tracey loves Better Homes & Gardens, and I must admit it's nice watching all the decorating tips and tricks and knowing our house is but a half day of give-a-damn away from being something really special.

Part of the fun of watching Better Homes is the Karen Martini cooking segment. We LOVE how simple her recipes are. We make a game of it, with the whole family sitting and counting how many ingredients her 'simple' recipes have. Like tonight's - 20! Including home staples like saffron. 

We had pork chop tonight. With sides of mash and greens we counted seven ingredients, including salt & pepper.

I do wonder how much money these telly chefs think we spend on an average meal. Fifty dollars? Sixty? And don't forget to use a good quality wine in your cooking. The hell we will! If there's a good wine in the house the first thing I'm doing is pushing the bottle to the back of the cupboard where no-one will find it. Only then will I try and work out who left it here.

While Karen Martini's recipes do look fantastic (and we've decided to have a month of cooking one of her creations a week) we're more Fast Ed sort of people.

Actually, we're more 4 Ingredients sort of people.

But regardless of who's book we're leafing through, for the next couple of weeks I think we'll be focusing on pork recipes.

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Kez said...

Haha. I'm a Fast Ed kind of person too. Lately I've been able to get some more time to cook good food again (my husband blames Masterchef on my yearly enthusiastic cooking spurts - not that he's complaining)and my type of recipe is one that has ingredients I've heard of in it and looks (and tastes) really fancy but SO isn't.

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