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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We help a young mum in Peru

This loan brings together two things I love - KIVA and coffee. It's a good day!!

For our 34th KIVA loan we've decided to help Rubi and her coffee crop. She needs money for organic fertilizer and I need my cup of Joe first thing in the morning or people die.

"Rubi is 25 years old and her life partner is Nino, with whom she has a daughter aged 7 months. The 3 live in their own house which they themselves constructed in the native community of Santa Teresa in the central forest.

Seven years ago she began working in agriculture in the countryside. Rubi and Nino now have 6 plots of land assigned to them by the community. In these they produce coffee, manioc, and annata. “In April, May and June, I harvest my 3 products; so, in those days I do not lack money and I can cover my debts,” Rubi comments. In addition, she can count on a culture of saving that permits her to cover expenses all year. For his part, her husband works as a day laborer on other parcels of land, thus obtaining income to pay some of their inevitable expenses. Rubi has just finished the harvest and sale of the final grains of coffee. For this reason, she will begin cleaning the land and maintaining their plants. For that reason, she needs to purchase sacks of organic fertilizer.

This is her 2nd loan through MFP. Rubi promises to be punctual in her monthly payments and she is grateful for the confidence and the help from her communal bank, “Los Ompicres”. With this money Rubi will be able to buy bags of fertilizer, whose price can be as high as 160 new sols per 60-kilo sack. She will purchase around 9 sacks for her coffee fields."

KIVA gives you the chance to make small loans to borrowers worldwide, helping expand opportunity and alleviate poverty. We chose someone to help and lend money in amounts of US$25 (with many lenders making up each loan) and, when the money is repaid, we lend it out again. It's kind of like recycling your charity dollars :)

KIVA has occasional free trials. If you'd like to see how it works using someone else's money, try this link -

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