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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Four of our kids (Miss8, Master7, Miss5 & Miss2) have been playing musical beds for a few nights because ...well, because Miss2 has orchestrated it.

While the others sit in bed and read before lights out, Miss2 snuggles up to one of them and listens as they read out loud to her. Then, when it's time for lights out, she flat out refuses to move.

"Time to go to your bed," we'll tell her.

"My bed," she'll say, banging the blankets into place around her legs and lying down.

"No, your bed is in the other room," we'll remind her.

"My bed!" she snap, frowning at our ignorance. "Night."

So we'll ask whoever's bed she happens to be in to go sleep in hers. Supernanny would be tut-tutting at us and rolling her eyes at the camera behind our backs.

But the thing is the kids are all loving being moved around, so we can afford to be a little lax. Plus we've discovered a new configeration which seems to work well - Miss8 and Master7 in one room, Miss5 and Miss2 in the other. The big kids can stay up a bit later plus they aren't woken up by the little guys in the morning.

Things are becoming a little confusing for Master8 though, who usually has Miss2 (Sophie) in his room.

This morning he stumbled into our room in the wee small hours and abruptly woke us up.

"Dad! Mum! Wake up!" he said urgently. "Something wrong with Sophie. Her head's all weird."

"That would be because it's Grace's head," we told him sleepily, and, satisfied with our explanation Miss8 is in his room, he stumbled back to bed.

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