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Monday, July 9, 2012

Take the lead

We've always encouraged our kids to use school to try everything. Music, public speaking, chess, sport - whatever they're offering, put your hand up and give it a go. How else do you find out if you like doing stuff?

Given the number of times Master20 came home saying he was trying out for something or other he just about walked around school with his arm in the air.

"I'm in the school play!" he announced excitedly one night.

"That's fantastic," I told him. I was in school plays when I was at school - usually up in the rafters helping with the lighting and trying to look down the girls' tops. "What are you doing? Props? Seating?"

"I got the lead."

There was a substantial pause at this point. The main thing which was going through my head had to do with the fact this was to be a musical.

Cause I'm an ass I asked, "Have they heard you sing yet?" The bathroom used to be directly off the kitchen. We'd all heard Master20 sing. My oldest son could guest spot the segment on Spicks & Specks where someone does a performance of a well known song, which almost sounds like the original, and everyone has to try guess which it is. I love my son, but he may as well attempt to hold steam as hold a tune.

"Sure did. We had auditions the other day."

I tugged a little on my ear and thought about this some more.

"So....they've actually heard you sing?"

"Tracey helped me chose a song. I did Joy To The World. Want to hear it?"

"No!!" I turned to my good wife. "Oh my God, Tracey, what have you done?"

"Well thanks for your support, Dad," Master20 had said. He seemed a bit crushed at my assessment of his inability to sing. I didn't understand. I assumed he knew.

Rather than ask if lip syncing was an option I asked, "What's the play?"

"The Pajama Game."

Which was a really, really good thing. If he'd been singing songs people (thought) they knew there might have been trouble. As it was they didn't know the songs he was slaughtering so no damage was done, except maybe to their eardrums.

I'll say this, his was the standout performance.

I truly love my eldest's attitude to giving things a red hot go, even if sometimes his father is an ass about it.

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