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Friday, April 6, 2012

You've been EGGED!

I imagine the Easter Bunny's lair must look something like this - lots of mini-bunnies sitting around preparing the eggs for delivery. Afterall, Santa has the elves all tied up.

As much fun as discovering someone had hidden 14 eggs in our yard for us to find in a surprise egg hunt, preparing a similar surprise for their friends has our kids even more excited.

After purchasing more plastic eggs and filling them with sweets and stickers, we wrote a list, with our kids' help, of ten friends to egg.

At each house one or all of the kids (depending on how many eggs we were leaving) would race around finding spots while being bery, bery qwiet. Or at least pretending to be very quiet.

Miss5's idea of being quiet is to not scream. This morning, when we went to the park so the kids could play with some friends, I took Miss5 for a walk and we practiced whispering. After five minutes of encouragement she finally seemed to have it down pat.

Then as she raced around the first house hiding eggs Master7 stuck his head out the car window and yelled, "You're doing really well!"

"I know!" she bellowed back.

In some houses we could even hear people inside watching telly.

It took about two hours to get around to all the houses and it went mostly without incident. Until the final stop.

All the kids were out hiding eggs through a fence because there was a dog. Our friends were home so we tried to be very quiet (bery, bery qwiet). We worried the dog might chew the eggs up before they discovered the note explaining they'd been egged so I produced a series of sharp beeps with my horn to grab their attention then drove forward.

And immediately had to stop.

Unfortunately a little tike from a neighbouring home was out on his scooter and when I blasted the horn he thought it was directed at him and he panicked and came a cropper in the gutter.

"Sorry, little fella," I said out my window as we passed him. His father was giving us the thumbs up to indicate everything was fine. "If you knock on the door of that house back there, they've got chocolate."

Assuming the dog didn't beat them to it.

So our day of egging houses has come to an end and already we're seeing messages on Facebook as people discover our handiwork and even venture out to egg other people's houses.

Next year we want to make an even longer list of houses to egg because we all enjoyed it so much.


Jo Carson said...


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the eggs? I love the idea! Chris

Bruce Devereaux said...

We picked up the eggs from a shitshop called Flash Harry's. Only $2 for 8 of the bigger ones and $2 for 30 of the smaller.

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