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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wheel good fun

Me, feeling pretty 'super' after completing the ride.
Mind you, this was after the mainly downhill ride. I
wasn't looking quite so dashing after the ride back
up the hill.
Although chuffed with my personal best of 54km today on my bike, I'm feeling bushed.

My knees, in particular, are protesting against today's efforts. Walking is fine but if I sit down they refuse to assist me in standing.

Today I rode from Cooroy to Noosa with my excellent friends, Karen & Luke. It was a Bicycle Queensland 8 day event which we rather cleverly attached ourselves to for the last day, meaning we got clapped and cheered over the finish line without really having earned the accolades.

But I took them anyway, grinning and waving like I'd just finished Tour De France.

I don't understand why I'm feeling sore - my preparation for this event was perfect. It was to be a 30km ride so I spent the last week doing daily rides which almost, but not quite, added up to exactly 30kms. Plus last night I practiced drinking Gatorade.

On the ride, people kept calling out things like 'Passing!' (letting the rider in front of them know they were about to overtake them) and 'Car Back!' The first time I heard the latter I thought I was being insulted. Fortunately one of my friends was able to explain this meant there was a car behind me and to be careful before I could yell 'Bus Ass' back at them. That might have been awkward.

And then, after the official 30km ride to Noosa, rather than catch a bus back to collect our car we decided to ride back to Cooroy. When Luke asked I fair jumped at the idea (because I'm 18 and bulletproof). We did manage to shave 6km off the ride by going a different route, but because it was uphill most the way it still took an hour and a half.

But knees and all, it was worth the effort today. Not least because I finally got a big wedge of weekend time without any kids, meaning I could indulge in a couple of coffee stops and even enjoy a relaxing Thai lunch without the usual kiddy distractions. I love the noisy little buggers, but Jeez it's nice to have some me time.

If anyone is interested, and I really can't imagine why you would be, here's the route we took :)

My new Bicycle Queensland water bottle saving the day.
My $40 entry fee got me this and a stubby holder, meaning
they cost me $20 each - but I'm stoked!

Our first coffee stop was a mere 1km into the ride. That's why
I'm grinning like an idiot - I haven't ridden up any of the hills yet.
The Grizzly Adams lookalike is Luke. He assures me he's smiling in
 this shot, although it's difficult to tell with all that fuzz in the way.

Karen in a self portrait - I should have offered to take a photo
of her but I quite simply didn't think of it until I saw this shot.
You can't really see us but Luke and I are in the centre of the shot
looking smug and very pleased with ourselves. This is because
we thought the ride was over and hadn't decided to ride back up
the hill yet.

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