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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bad Egg

According to a friend of ours, the great thing about raising kids is they eventually leave.

When this happens some amazing stuff starts to happen around the house. Forget being able to watch what you want on the telly and not having to wait for the toilet. Apparently the biggest changes involve water and cups.

More specifically, when you have a shower the water doesn't turn to ice after thirty seconds and there are always clean mugs available for cups of tea and coffee.

I asked Tracey what she was most looking forward to when the kids leave home and we finally become empty nesters.

"Getting my own room," she said. She's such a kidder. That she says it with a deadpan straight face makes it even more hilarious. 

For our friends, these huge lifestyle changes became more apparent this week when one of their daughters popped home for a few hours. 

While mum & dad prepared dinner, the daughter jumped in the shower, after which they all caught up over the lovely home cooked meal.

It was only after they'd waved her off they realized they'd been left with a sink full of dirty dishes: and only after they'd cleaned up and were preparing for bed they realized all the hot water had been used up in their daughter's twenty minute shower.

But then I imagine that's why parents love when the kids drop home once they've moved out - it reminds them how fortunate they are the buggers left at all.

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Sarah said...

My parents had finally gotten rid of the last of their four kids and mum was really excited because the upstairs bathroom stayed clean, she was able to reorganise all the old bedrooms for other purposes and there weren't things dumped everywhere (well, not as much, Dad can leave things lying around), plus the water, electricity and grocery bills plummeted. Then the youngest moved back home again. I think mum's face actually fell when she told me, although she is happy to have him there. But it's amazing the difference to their house with him being back - I really feel for mum!!!

Maria said...

lol too funny!

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