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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bowled Over

During the week we watched bowling on an episode of Supernanny and realized we haven't gone in ages. As today presented us with a wet rainy day with nothing to do (even soccer was a bye) we quickly decided to treat the kids.

It's nice to do something a little different. Even better when the whole family can be involved.

Miss8 proved to be a fabulous bowler. She had all the right moves. Oh yeah baby. By the end of the match she was starting her run up from over in the cafe. For all this she still managed the slowest bowl of the day - 1.7km/hour, which took so long to make it to the pins we had time to order hot chips - but avoided any serious heckling from the peanut gallery by winning the day.

This next series of photos shows Miss5 demonstrating why it's important to wear proper shoes when throwing, or in Miss5's case dropping, large heavy balls.

Best $29 we've spent in a long time. Lots of laughs and very little of the other. In fact it was so much fun we're going again Friday night with Cousin8's school.

Miss2 - showed no interest in bowling, instead spending
the match trying to change the screen to ABC2 

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