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Monday, June 18, 2012

... and the little one said

I just like the idea, come morning, the kids will be where I put them. We have enough trouble with sleep walkers, we don't need a sleep stalker as well.

For the past several months Miss2 has been coming into our room in the wee small hours of the morning and instead of giving her a cuddle and sending her back to her own bed, Tracey (not Bruce) has been cuddling up with her.

"This will end badly," I've told my wife. "Supernanny would find this 'unassepable'."

"But she's so warm and cute," has been Tracey's defense (Miss2, not Jo Frost).

We haven't accepted 'warm and cute' for the rest of the kids and I'm not sure why it's suddenly cropped up as admissible with this one. I suspect it's more 'tired and couldn't be bothered' but I'm not dumb enough to give that sort of derogatory comment a voice.

But I think there's a change a coming - common sense (ie my opinion) is finally winning through and there'll be a few changes come 2 or 3 am this morning.

This new state of affairs has come about because Tracey walked into Miss2's bedroom tonight and was confronted with an empty bed. "Where's she gone?" she called out to me.

I walked in, expecting to find Miss2 hidden under the blankets. Nothing.

"She was here a few minutes ago," I told Tracey as I checked under the bed and behind the curtain.

It turns out Miss2 has finally decided to cut the pretense. We found her snuggled up on Tracey's pillow in our bed, or "My bed" as she was now referring to it, and refusing to be moved. More than that, she'd decided to redraw the boundaries, and was letting mum know she could sleep over the other side of the bed with me. Tracey looked horrified at the idea.

"This has gone on too long," Tracey informed me. "You'll need to start walking her back to her own bed at night."

Change like this is never easy to achieve and I'm anticipating a few nights of whinging and tantrums as I pry Miss2 away from her mother.

And I daresay Miss2 will be screaming at me as well.

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