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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day of Rest

Next time we do this I'm bringing a
pillow and doing it properly.
At work today we dressed in our PJ's to mark the start of our efforts to raise money for Banking On Kids, which helps children's hospitals across the country. Exactly why we were wearing Pajama's was lost on me, but any excuse to lose my tie.  It sure was nice to feel toasty and comfortable at work.

I don't even own PJ's so first up I had to race into Best & Less where I picked up this sexy little ensemble for $10.80. It's a size too big but I feel confident Tracey will have it shrink it to fit me in a wash or two.

It was all a bit of fun at the office, but I noticed before any of the girls left for lunch they changed into normal clothes. I didn't: I needed to go to the doctors and then to the chemist so I took my kindle and walked out the door. I have a wife I'm especially fond of: I don't need to impress anyone.

I got some chuckles and managed to spread the message and hopefully we'll have a few strangers walking in the door during July to donate some dollars.

Walking up and down the main street of town I only encountered one person who felt the need to say anything derogatory.

"Oh my God!" a woman squealed as I walked past her. "I can't believe I let you marry my daughter!"

That's right, the only day in a month my mother-in-law comes into town and I walk past her in bed clothes.

"Hello," I said to her and leaned in to kiss her check.

She took a step back and looked around. "I don't think so!" she said.

Half an hour later, when I arrived back at work, the girls were keen for me to explain an odd story they'd been told about me chasing a woman up the road trying to snog her.

"That was Tracey's mum," I explained. Now I think about it this probably wasn't the best phrased answer I could have given.

Eventually my chuckling mother-in-law conceded to me kissing her check, but not only was Tracey's mum in the street to witness me in my jimmy-jams, she had Great Grandma Mac with her as well. 

I don't know what Great Grandma Mac thought of my new look because she I don't think she stopped laughing the entire exchange, including when they drove past me a couple of minutes later. If laughter is the best medicine, after the dose I gave her today, she may live to 100.

Meanwhile, thanks to our very generous clients, our fundraising is off to a fantastic start.

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