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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Bath

Not our sink, or our baby, but certainly our modus
operandi - only we remove the sharp knives first

Dinner was done and the dishes were piled up all around the kitchen. Tracey's sister and her lovely little family were over for a catch up and a meal and we'd just started the baths.

When the kitchen sink was filled with soapy water Tracey walked in with Miss0 and began undressing her. When my darling little girl was butt naked Tracey lifted her into the sink.

"Um......erm...." said Uncle Jason, a frown forming. Seriously, we could hear the gears turning. "You're bathing the baby in the kitchen sink?"

"Yep," said Tracey, but she was a little distracted. Despite having done this many times before she was having some difficulty because Miss0 has discovered she can lock her legs - great fun if you're 6 months old. For about thirty seconds the only bit of Miss0 wet were her feet and ankles. "She's just started doing this," Tracey told Uncle Jason. "And she won't fit if she won't bend."

"You could always use something bigger," suggested Uncle Jason. "Like a bath." 

You know, we could. But bathing our baby in the sink means we're not bending and kneeling on the floor - so it's much easier on our backs. We've done this with all the kids as babies.

Uncle Jason didn't look at all keen on the idea he was eating off plates and utensils washed in the same sink as our baby's tush. I can understand the idea seems nausea-inducing at first, but as always I knew exactly what to say to put his mind at ease.

"I can assure you," I smiled at him, "we put worse things into that sink than a six month old's bum."

Oddly, this didn't seem to be as reassuring as I thought it might. In fact, I think we'll be eating our next family get together at their house ;)

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