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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Dramas In Pajamas

This guy doesn't help my 'flannel is new silk boxer'
argument, but he does make me look sexy.

You know all those movies where the dreamy spunk wearing flannel pajamas slips into bed beside the hot girl in lingerie and she gets all jiggy on his ass? No, me either.

Flannel PJ's are not hot. At least, that's what I thought.

I only have flannel pajamas because we were dressing up earlier in the month to raise money for children's hospitals. It was a good cause so I forked out the $11 required to purchase a stripy set at Best & Less.

"Everyone has to wear their pajamas to work tomorrow," our boss had shouted over her shoulder as she walked out the door. There were a few stunned faces in her wake. Up until that point my pajamas were any pair of old shorts and a t-shirt. It was an even bigger shock for one of the girls who announced she sleeps naked.

After wearing them to work (and having my photo taken in them for the local paper) I thought I should try get some use out of my new threads so I wore them to bed. The result was more than I expected, to say the least.

"Oooooooo....," Tracey squealed when I walked into our bedroom wearing my new bed suit. Suddenly she was attached to me like honey to lino. "I love flannels. They feel so warm and homely."

So now there's snuggling where before there were cold shoulders and feigned sleep. Why don't you women write this stuff down for us so us men folk don't have to stumble through life like a soak at an Oktoberfest?

On a not entirely unrelated matter, tomorrow lunch I'm taking another $11 to Best & Less. Maybe I'll see how Tracey likes polka dots.

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