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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Castle Devereaux

Last weekend we got the jumping castle out for the kids, which was a hugely popular idea with everyone: Kids got to jump and slide, Mum got to sip tea on the balcony and Dad got to not mow the lawn. It's hard to do things like mow the lawn when you're on a diet which excludes things like beer. There's just no motivation in beerless lawn mowing.

The castle was their Christmas present from their late Auntie Chriss. We're careful not to pull it out on wet or windy days though. We hope Chriss would have approved of the choice of a jumping castle, especially given his love of fairground attractions, our kids and an inflated sense of fun. We picked it up for a mere $300 from Target. Worst thing is the kids have only used the castle three times and we've already noticed a small leak in one of the stitched corners so we might have to take it back for a replacement. There's a puncture repair kit included in the box, but I don't think it's suitable for repairing inside seams - it's an awkward spot. 

I hate taking things back. I'll usually pick a day I'm at work to demand Tracey returns something.

Once the baby comes we'll be heading down the coast for a day's shopping and an Affogato, so I guess we can make our collective mind up about returning it between now and then. Meanwhile I think I'll pull the castle out again this weekend to see if the leak is getting any worse. 

And so I can avoid the mowing again.

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