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Saturday, January 14, 2012


If anyone grabs keys, purse, wallet or bag Miss2 is on the doorstep looking for a ride. She knows the signs.

It shouldn't really have surprised us then when we walked into the bedroom this afternoon to find she's all over the big baby bag packed and sitting ready at the base of our bed. And by all over it I mean the was just about all in it.

Miss2 is clearly aware someone is going somewhere and determined to NOT be left behind.

We've never to worry about sibling rivalry here in the Devereaux household, but I'm concerned this may be changing.

In the past we've always ensured the younger older children (that make sense?) get their own baby doll when the new baby is born, so they can look after it at the same time. It's always worked a treat.

But Miss2 isn't as easily distracted as her older siblings have been. She's way too switched on for my liking.

Hopefully she'll take to the new bub as well as all the rest have. I guess we'll know in a couple of weeks :)

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Vee said...

Master1 knows that when mum says shoes it's time to try run out the door lol
They're switched on that's for sure!

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