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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Picture Perfect

Carrying Miss2 through the hallway to her bed, she stuck out a finger and announced, "Dad!"

I continued into the lounge room before Tracey dragged me back into the hall.

"Did you hear what she just said?" she asked me.

"Dad," I said. She's not the first kid to call me that. Was there something she was trying to tell me?

"She pointed at our wedding picture and recognized you!" said Tracey.

Still carrying Miss2 I stopped in front of our wedding photo.

"Where's daddy?" I asked.

"Dare!" she said brightly, pointing at a younger and damn fine looking me. And in a suit to boot.

"And where's mummy?" I asked.

She looked at the picture for a minute, a confused look crossing her face. I reckon I could hear the wheels turning - 'Well clearly that's not her. Is there someone behind them?' Finally she saw it: she realized her Mummy was standing right beside me.

"Dare!" she said, ignoring the photo now and pointing at Tracey.

Way to cut your mother down when she's nine months pregnant, Miss2. Mind you, my chuckling probably wouldn't have helped matters either.

"That's it," said Tracey. "I'm getting contacts."

Cause as every Superman fan knows, wearing glasses makes you completely unrecognizable. What I didn't mention, because I know how pregnant she is and I'm not two, is how much better an argument this would have been if I hadn't been wearing any myself.

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